The number of people in working-age is decreasing in North Savo. The aging population requires an increasing amount of healthcare services and in many municipalities the expenditure of nursing care services has significantly increased due to the aging population base. The society is responsible for supporting the work and functional capacity of those in working-age. There is an apparent lack of competent social health care professionals in North Savo. It is especially important that the workload is evenly spread across the province between the rehabilitation service providers to enhance the effectiveness of the rehabilitation services. This not only improves the availability of rehabilitation services but also their fluency, quality, customer guidance and flow.

This project proposes a solution to the challenge by carrying out the following procedures:

1)         The increasing number of rehablitation service customers requires customer centric services from the service providers. The rehabilitation need of the customer must be assessed and addressed by seamless service chains and effective rehabilitation processes.

2)         It is important to ensure a sufficient level of competent rehabilitation professionals and train/educate new professionals by creating a network between the rehabilitation service providers and by creating education/training material as well as by deveoping suitable tools and methods. This calls for modern, comprehensive training/education for multi-professional co-operation.

3)         Social and healthcare providers must solve the increasingly difficult resource challenge facing the field of social and healthcare. Thus rehabilitation professionals must be trained multi-professionally in order to serve the increasing number of customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The rehabilitation training/education in the North Savo region must be profiled to suit the arisen need. The area is one of the experts among Finnish rehabilitation service providers. In order to develop rehabilitation expertise and business, it is important to ensure the visibility and attractiveness of the area by gathering a group of the top rehabilitation substance experts, education/training methods and tools experts, and rehabilitation networking experts in the area in order to develop an expertise and business network in North Savo. The area already carries out visible social and healthcare education, but there still is a need for a network between the education organisations and the rehabilitation service providers. The project solves the issue by developing a strong local rehabilitation expertise network in North Savo. The expertise network defines the rehabilitation service operating model to advance expertise and business in the area.

State-of-the art rehabilitation training/education creates much needed healthcare professionals in North Savo. In addition, it strengthens the competitiveness of local social and healthcare services, brings visibility to the area and creates an effective network for sharing rehabilitation expertise, coordinates and developes rehabilitation state-of-art training/education operating models, business models, tools and methods. In this project we will, for example, develop a learning database as a platform for the rehabilitation education/training material and information. Moreover, the project creates visibility among rehabilitation services, their providers and eases customer guidance to the rehabilitation services. The project is focused on gerontological rehabilitation, rehabilitative care work of the disabled in working-age, rehabilitation of working-age mental and musculoskeletal patients, and preventive rehabilitation.